As part of Open Access Week 2013, I participated in a panel discussion on “Open Access and the Digital Humanities” with Ty Herrington and Ian Bogost at Georgia Tech. The panel was organized by Wendy Hagenmaier, Tech’s Digital Collections Archivist, and moderated by Brian Croxall and Stewart Varner from the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship. The conversation included discussion of what we mean by “open access,” whether the turn to open access publication may also require reconfiguring our understanding of the audience for and purposes of scholarly communication, how institutional policy might be crafted to distribute fairly the costs and benefits of open access publication requirements, and how the shift to open access models of intellectual property management might affect our work in the classroom. A video recording of the panel is archived and publicly available here. Descriptions and video of the panel and the other events Georgia Tech organized for Open Access Week 2013 are also available onlineĀ here.

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